Name: Basilisk
Disposition: Easily threatened protectors
Locale: Deserts or open plains
Organization: Packs or large groups
Height: 6'0" - 8'0" long

Basilisks are short, well armored, alligator-like creatures with large powerful jaws and eyes that boast a full 180 degree line of sight. As a result, it is particularly difficult for enemies to sneak up on any idle basilisk, making them excellent guards. Although they are not naturally aggressive, they are terribly protective of their own kind, and will instantly attack anyone who poses a threat to the pack. Unfortunately, basilisks perceive the mere presence of a stranger as a threat, and are therefore generally avoided by all creatures. For those poor travelers who do happen upon a pack of basilisks, they are usually greeted by the paralyzing gaze of the elder basilisks and eaten by the young.