Name: Ophidian
Disposition: Bureaucratic, but fierce warriors
Locale: Found in fortresses, swamplands and desert areas
Organization: Three factions, each of which have an internal hierarchal structure
Height: 8'0" - 12'0"

Ophidians are large, snake-like creatures with humanoid torsos and enlarged reptilian faces and tails. Unlike most snakes, ophidians do not have prominent fangs, preferring to use their considerable upper body strength to pummel their enemies in lieu of injecting poisons via fangs. Ophidians are given their station upon birth and find it nearly impossible to change stations during their lifetime without overthrowing those currently in power. Terribly bureaucratic, ophidians only do what they've been assigned to do and no more, and are often known to pass the buck and shift blame to others whenever possible. Ophidians occupy most of their time with political intrigue, rather than doing what they are supposed to. It is this intrigue that has caused the ophidian race to split into various factions (fortress ophidians, swamp ophidians and desert ophidians), each of which are isolated from the others.