Name: Seeker
Disposition: Mindless spy and observer
Locale: Usually found underground
Organization: Small groups near larger gazer groups
Height: 2'0" - 3'0" long

Seekers are a similar species to the gazer, but they do not share in any of the intelligence and physical strength displayed by the gazer. Their single large eye captures every visual detail within a 270 degree field of vision, and their lack of a skeleton makes them ideal for spying around corners and flattening themselves into hard-to-reach places. Because of this, seekers are often enslaved by gazers to complete menial tasks, such as guarding or spying on nearby enemies. They prefer to hide and ambush their foes, but when provoked they will lash out with their mighty tentacles and razor-like claws. Although it does not contain poison, their back claw is the most powerful, and can easily cut through the torso of a full grown man.