Name: Siren
Disposition: Dangerous, extroverted temptress
Locale: Found in areas where travelers can easily see them
Organization: Alone or living in small groups
Height: 5'0" - 6'0"

Sirens are sensual, bipedal creatures who use their inviting appearances and enchanting songs to lure passersby into their deadly grasp. Craving constant attention, sirens have been known to prefer kidnapping over killing trespassers in hopes of increasing the amount of affection they receive daily. However, sirens do not take rejection lightly, and will kill anyone who refuses their charms. Young sirens will remain with their family or clan until coming of age, at which point they will venture off and claim their own territory. Although they are at home in any aquatic environment, they do not solely reside in watery areas. Sirens try to be at one with their environment, and are often hostile to strangers who disrupt homeostasis.