Name: Succubus
Disposition: Cruel and sadistic
Locale: Dark dwellings where tortured souls reside
Organization: Found alone or in small groups surrounded by their mindless past victims
Height: 6'0" - 7'0"

Succubi use their raven-black wings and the face of an angel to lure their victims into a false sense of security. Shunned by those who know their ways, they have retreated to the most twisted and dark areas in hopes of catching a traveler down on their luck who may mistake them for an angel. In areas where their deeds are more well known, they will send their minions to flush a traveler into their domain. Should a traveler fall prey to the charms of the succubus, their souls will be forfeit and their body will be damned to remain enslaved as another minion. However, those who are able to refuse the charms of a succubus are still doomed. The succubi, who pride themselves on their sexuality, will revert into a violent and bloody rage. Changing into the antithesis of aesthetic perfection, the only way she will find satisfaction is by cleaning the blood of the one who rejected her off her perfectly polished nails.