Name: Werewolf
Disposition: Violent, melancholy loners
Locale: Found in forests, away from the general population
Organization: Usually found in pairs or small groups
Height: 5'0" - 6'0"

Werewolves are humanoids who were transformed, either by the Guardian or another werewolf, into large muscular wolves that can walk upright. They maintain the height they had while in their previous form, although their muscular structure increases dramatically during their transformation. Although werewolves maintain the same mental abilities they had as a humanoid, they are not able to control their animal urges, nor communicate their plight to others. Because of this, werewolves are seen as monsters and are even hunted by those they love. Ashamed of what they have become, they generally hide from populated encampments until the need to hunt overpowers them, or until their animal nature is brought out from an outside threat. Their animalistic self is evil and hateful, delighting in the brutal slaying of all creatures. Once the bloodlust subsides, they retreat to the forest, where they wail over their inhumane acts and often mutilate themselves in grief. It is through transformations alone that the werewolf race remains plentiful.