Name: Zorn
Disposition: Aggressive mineral eaters
Locale: Earthy areas, such as plains or deserts
Organization: Found in small mineral gathering clans
Height: 2'0" - 4'0"

Zorn are stumpy, orange to red-skinned creatures whose head is dominated by a large mouth at the top of their skull. Their skin is rough and almost stony, which allows them to blend with the earthy environments they call home. Being mostly a mouth, Zorn are primarily concerned with increasing their food income (supply), and are often found gathering minerals in their gathering clans. Always hungry, Zorn will eat just about anything, but they prefer to eat precious metals and minerals, which they mine using their powerful jaws. When minerals are scarce, Zorn have been known to burrow underground for days on end in hopes of ambushing an unwary traveler with their bite attacks. Because of this, it's not uncommon for scavengers to hang around Zorn habitats in hopes of feasting upon the remains of Zorn victims.