Feel free to download my resume. This document was created in Microsoft Word. If you would like some other format please email me.

Work Experience

  • Assistant Technical Director -- Ignition Entertainment
        9/08 - 11/10 | Gainesville, FL
    • Keeping up communication between departments
    • Logged bugs that were reported for Reich
    • Admin responsibilities for our task tracking software.
    • Cleaned and organized our company wiki pages and programming tasks
    • Checked in on people daily to make sure they were on task
    • Getting time estimates for tasked work and scheduling the work accordingly
    • Prioritizing work based on the needs of each department
    • Other basic management work such as:
      • Settling employee disputes
      • Making sure employee’s have all the tools they need to get their job done

  • Game Designer -- id Software
        11/07 - 8/08 | Dallas, TX
    • Designed layout for levels using a 2D tile editor called Mappy.
    • Came up with the overall plot points for Wolfenstein RPG.
    • Created 3D levels for Wolfenstein RPG using Maya 8.0.
    • Scripted character and monster interactions in the levels of Wolfenstein RPG.
    • QA tester for Wolfenstein RPG.

  • Programmer & Designer -- Fountainhead Entertainment, Inc.
        3/04 - 11/07 | Dallas, TX
    • Programmed a Direct Voice system for Machinimation Pro.
    • Was a programmer on the Machinimation 2 Demo we built using the Doom 3 engine.
    • Ran customer support for Machinimation and Machinimation 2 Demo.
    • Organized the task list and made sure everyone stayed on task for Orcs & Elves (cell phone game).
    • A programmer and designer for Orcs & Elves II (cell phone game).
    • Assistant producer and designer / level designer for Orcs & Elves no the Nintendo DS.
    • QA tester on Orcs & Elves, Orcs & Elves II, and Orcs & Elves DS.
    • Wrote the tools documentation for Orcs & Elves DS.

  • Game Designer -- Origin Systems, Inc.
        6/03 - 3/04 | Austin, TX
    • Designed and implemented quests for Ultima X: Odyssey using the Unreal Engine.
    • Populated many of UXO’s maps using the Unreal Engine.
    • Wrote several of the adventure system actions using Unreal Script.
    • Wrote monster fiction for the games bestiary, and created particle effects.
    • Programmed player abilities and monster abilities in Unreal Script.

  • Game Programmer -- Thinking Man Studios, Inc.
        11/03 - 1/04 | Greenwood, IN
    • Wrote a Direct Show MP3 handler along with a sound manager to use it.
    • Programmed a RenderWare Raster manager, a menu system, and an interface.
    • All communication for this demo, “Criminal Element”, was done online.


    Relevant Skills

  • Experience in team management and project organization
  • Have laid out team schedules and budgets
  • Knowledge of C, C++, and C# programming languages
  • Web development background with html, CSS, C#, and
  • Worked with using the following software; Maya 8.0, Windows XP/2000, PhotoShop7.0, Acid3.0, Sound Forge, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project.


  • Radiography
        Gainesville, FL | 1/11 - Current | Santa Fe College
    • Made the Dean's List - Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, & Summer 2012
    • CPR Certified
    • 4 hour AIDS CEU

  • Associate of Science degree in Game Development and Design
        Orlando, FL | 11/01 – 2/03 | Full Sail Real World Education
    • Over 900 hours of C/C++ programming experience
    • 40 hours a week of real-world game development with strict milestones
    • Awarded Salutatorian upon graduating


    Personal Qualities

  • Published artist
  • Have leadership skills and I work well in a group
  • Very organized and detail oriented